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3324 Food Purchases for District Meetings and Functions

Adoption Date: 1/5/2006, Reviewed: 9/29/14 
3000 - Business and Non-Instructional Expenditures
3324 Food Purchases for District Meetings and Functions

The Board of Education recognizes that on certain occasions it is appropriate to provide refreshments and/or meals at District expense, such as events, which are being held for a District or educational purpose. Any expenditure on such refreshments and/or meals must be approved in advance by the Superintendent of Schools and falls within budgetary appropriations. Meal requests may be approved when:

  • Officers and/or employees of the District will be prevented from taking time off for food consumption due to a pressing need to complete the business at hand;
  • The District is faced with business of an immediate nature and meetings of District employees and/or officers are essential at mealtime;
  • The District wishes to recognize the services provided by volunteers (in such cases, however, only the meals of those being recognized may be paid for and the cost of the meals must be reasonable);
  • Staff members are participating in day-long grading of standardized tests or orientation sessions overlapping meal periods.

All requests for food, refreshments and/or meal expenditures submitted for approval must include: the purpose of the meeting, meeting date and time, the group in attendance, the number of people in attendance, and why attendees required food and refreshments to conduct school business.

The actual expenditures for food refreshments and/or meals must be appropriately documented with itemized receipts and submitted to the Claims Auditor for purposes of pre-payment audit. Costs shall be reasonable and prudent.

Funding for approved functions shall come from the operating budget, grants or donated funds.