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3260 Disposal of District Property

Adoption Date: 6/10/1976, Revised: 1/5/2006; Reviewed: 03/24/ 2014, Reviewed: 10/26/2015 
3000 - Business and Non-Instructional

3260 Disposal of District Property

The Board of Education believes that the efficient administration of the District requires the disposition of district property and goods no longer necessary for the maintenance of the educational program or operation of the District.

The Board directs the periodic review of all District property and authorizes the disposition of any property not required for school purposes in a manner that is advantageous to the District.  Prior to the disposal of such property, the Board shall pass a resolution declaring such property to be surplus.

The Business Official shall be authorized to dispose of obsolete or surplus property and equipment in the following manner:

  1. through bid procedures, for the highest possible price;
  2. offer to sell the items to local municipalities or local non-profit organizations;
  3. sell items at a public sale, after notice to the public has been disseminated through announcements in the local newspapers, the District website and other appropriate means;
  4. sell items of no value as scrap for the best obtainable price or discard in the safest, least expensive manner.

Such equipment shall not be sold to a District officer or employee except in the same manner as it is sold to other members of the public.


Textbooks that lose their educational value as a result of changes in the curriculum or educational program may be disposed of in the following manner:

  1. sale for the highest possible price, through bid or public sale;
  2. sale for the highest possible price to local schools;
  3. donate to appropriate charitable organizations;
  4. disposal in the safest, least expensive manner.