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1700 Memorials

Adoption Date: 11/18/1964, Revised: 6/14/2012; 02/13/1975, 04/13/1989, 11/19/2009 Reviewed 01/27/2014 
1000 - Community Relations
1700 Memorials

The Board of Education will consider requests for memorials in honor of deceased students, employees or other members of the school community on an individual basis. The Board will also consider requests for living memorials.

The Board recognizes that in very special cases it may be appropriate to memorialize a person by, for example, naming a school facility for him or her or placing a plaque in a school building. This policy is adopted with the intention that such action will not be taken hastily.

Requests to memorialize an individual, preferably from organizations or petitions, shall be directed to the Board in writing. The Board, in its discretion, may appoint a committee to evaluate the request and make a recommendation to the Board. The Board will generally make a decision within six (6) months after the request. The final decision regarding establishing a memorial will rest with the Board.