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1332 Admission Fees to Athletic Events

Adoption Date: 4/24/2003, Reviewed: 01/27/2014 
1000 - Community Relations
Public Activities Involving Staff. Students or School Facilities
1332 Admission Fees to Athletic Events

It is the policy of the Board of Education of the Lakeland Central School District that no admission fees will be charged for interscholastic athletic events that are part of the regular interscholastic athletic program. However, admission fees may be charged for non-league athletic events that are outside of the regular interscholastic athletic program (e.g., tournaments). The fees collected from such events shall be deposited in the appropriate extra-classroom activity fund and used for appropriate purposes consistent with law, regulation and District policy and regulation.

School-related organizations, such as the PTA and approved booster clubs, may engage in fundraising activities at athletic events (e.g., donation boxes, concessions) so long as there is appropriate signage clearly indicating to the public the name of the organization, the purpose of the fundraising and that donations are voluntary. Any such organization must obtain the prior approval of the Superintendent of Schools or designee for such fundraising activities.

Nothing herein shall limit the ability of the School District to charge admission fees for theater productions, concerts and other school-sponsored events.