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1331 Authorized Use of District-Owned Materials and Equipment

Adoption Date: 1/5/2006, Revised: ; Reviewed: 01/27/2014 
1000 - Community Relations


Public Activities Involving Staff. Students or School Facilities
1331 Authorized Use of District-Owned Materials and Equipment


The Board of Education permits the use of District-owned materials and equipment by approved nonprofit community organizations, when such material and equipment is not needed for District purposes. 

The Superintendent of Schools, in consultation with the appropriate administrator, shall establish regulations governing the loan and use of such equipment, including:

  • the individuals who may properly authorize the use of such material and/or equipment;
  • that such materials or equipment may not be used by the borrower for private, commercial or business purposes;
  • the responsibilities of the borrower for proper use, care and maintenance;
  • that all loaned equipment must be returned to the District in good condition;
  • that no loaned equipment may be sold to or purchased by borrower except in accordance with the District’s policies on disposal of equipment.

All equipment shall be inventoried and a list shall be maintained of the date such equipment was loaned, to whom it was loaned, and the date of expected and actual return.

The individual borrowing District-owned equipment on behalf of approved community organizations and the community organization shall be fully liable to the District for any damage or loss occurring to the equipment during the period of its use, and shall be responsible for its safe return.

The Business Office shall maintain records of all equipment that is loaned and shall review such list annually.

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