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1330.1 Vehicles on School Grounds

Adoption Date: 12/12/1985, Revised: ; 12/09/1995 
1000 - Community Relations
Public Activities Involving Staff. Students or School Facilities
1330.1 Vehicles on School Grounds

Motor vehicles, including passenger cars, delivery trucks, construction vehicles, emergency vehicles and other vehicles as authorized by the Superintendent or designee, are permitted on school grounds for authorized school functions or school purposes. During school functions (e.g., school-sponsored or school-authorized extracurricular and other activities) these vehicles are only permitted on paved roadways, unless permission is granted in advance.

Section 1 – Definitions
Unless otherwise expressly stated, whenever used herein, the following terms shall respectively be deemed to mean and include each of the meanings set forth:
a. SCHOOL BOARD - Board of Education of Lakeland Central School District.
b. SCHOOL GROUNDS - All lands, grounds, driveways or parking fields under the jurisdiction of the School Board for general regulatory or custodial purposes.
c. TRAFFIC SIGNS - All signs, devices, signals and markings for the purpose of regulating traffic.
d. PARKING AREA - Any part of school grounds officially designated as a place for the parking or standing of vehicles.
e. VEHICLE - Any conveyance on wheels, skids, runners or tracks powered by an external mechanical force, i.e. automobiles, trucks, tractors, go-carts, mini-bikes, snowmobiles, motorcycles, etc. Bicycles are excluded from this class.

Section 2 – Speed Limit

Section 3 – Operation of Vehicles OPERATION OF VEHICLES - Only authorized vehicles, with prior permission of the Superintendent or designee, shall be operated on any playground or grass area.

Section 4 – Parking and Standing
a. PARKING AND STANDING - Parking and standing shall be permitted only in designated areas.
b. PARKING SPACES - Any vehicle parked or standing on school grounds shall be placed within lines officially marked.

Section 5 – Traffic and Traffic Signs.
a. OBSERVANCE OF TRAFFIC SIGNS - Operators of vehicles shall comply with all posted signs and markings.

Section 6 – Penalties for Violations
a. Penalties for violations shall be in accordance with local law, ordinance, order, rules, regulation, as well as, applicable provisions of the New York Vehicle and Traffic Law.
b. The School Board shall have the right to arrange for the removal and storage of vehicles when found unattended or abandoned in the parking fields, grass areas or driveways during snowstorm, floods, fires or public emergencies. Owners shall be responsible for payment of all charges incurred.
c. A student who violates the provisions of this Policy may have his/her privilege of driving to school and parking on School District property suspended or revoked.

Policy References:
Policy 3515, Vehicle Idling
Policy 5138, Student Driving and Parking
Section 1670, NYS Vehicle and Traffic Law