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1311 Complaints about Instructional Materials

Adoption Date: 5/14/1964, Revised: 1/23/2014; 01/17/2002, 06/10/1993, 01/10/1980, 02/13/1975, 02/11/1965 
1000 - Community Relations
Public Activities Involving Staff. Students or School Facilities
1311 Complaints about Instructional Materials
Regulation Info: 1311R 

The Board of Education recognizes its responsibility to purchase instructional materials to implement the educational goals and objectives of the School District and its schools. The Board of Education also recognizes the right of parents and other community members to voice concerns and register complaints regarding instructional materials, including textbooks, digital media, library books and supplemental materials used within the School District. 

The Superintendent shall establish regulations for handling complaints regarding instructional materials.