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1222 Volunteers

Adoption Date: 1/5/2006 Revised: 03/15/2018
1000 - Community Relations
Participation by the Public
1222 Volunteers

The Board of Education recognizes that the use of volunteers strengthens school/community relations through positive participation, builds an understanding of school programs among interested citizens and can assist District employees in providing more individualized and enriched opportunities to students.  The Board encourages volunteers from all backgrounds and age groups who are willing to share their time, training, experience or personal characteristics to benefit the students of the District.

Volunteers may be involved in many facets of school operations, from assisting in the classroom to reading to students to performing clerical tasks, at the discretion of the Building principal.

  1. Volunteers shall not be used to provide one-on-one tutoring or other instruction to students, to correct student work or to provide transportation for school sponsored activities. 
  2. No volunteer shall have unsupervised direct contact with students except in emergency circumstances.
  3. Use of volunteers shall not conflict with or replace any duly appointed and/or authorized District personnel or the duties/job responsibilities of such personnel.
  4. Volunteers may not be assigned the responsibility for disciplining students but may assist the teacher in maintaining proper behavior of students and reporting behavioral problems to the teacher.
  5. Volunteers may not supervise a class in the absence of the teacher.
  6. Volunteers may not contact parents regarding the performance of students.
  7. Volunteers must maintain the confidentiality of all information learned about students and the school.
  8. Volunteers must sign in and sign out of the building in which they volunteer at all times.
  9. Volunteers may not bring their children with them when they volunteer.

School personnel who are responsible for tasks or projects that involve the use of volunteers shall identify appropriate tasks and time schedules for such volunteer activities as well as make provisions for adequate and appropriate supervision and evaluation.

Persons wishing to volunteer must contact the Building Principal or other individual designated by the Superintendent or Building Principal, and must sign a Confidentiality Agreement.  One form of photo identification shall be required of each volunteer.  A criminal background check may be required of prospective volunteers.  A prospective volunteer with a previous criminal conviction must also be reviewed and approved by the Superintendent in consultation with the School Attorney.

Notice and Confidentiality Agreement Policy #1222 (Exhibit A)