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1220 Citizens' Advisory Committees

Adoption Date: 10/22/1964, Revised: 1/23/2014; 06/10/1993, 4/13/1989, 02/13/1975 
1000 - Community Relations
Participation by the Public
1220 Citizens’ Advisory Committees

Citizens’ advisory committees may be appointed by the Board of Education for the study of specific school matters. Qualified citizens will be selected for their interest in the subject at hand and every effort will be made to recruit individuals’ representative of the community.

Each committee will be informed in writing of the services the Board wishes it to perform. Committees also will be instructed as to:

  1. The time and place for the first meeting
  2. The time when the committee is expected to complete its study and a written report presented to the Board 
  3. The resources to be provided by the Board
  4. The committee’s relationship with the Board
  5. The approximate date on which the Board wishes to dissolve the committee

The advisory committees will receive the cooperation of the staff, communicating through the Superintendent or designee. Clerical and professional assistance will be provided as determined by the Superintendent.

All committees will be advisory in nature. Their function is to collect and analyze information and report to the Board in accordance with their charge.

Committees will keep minutes during their work and submit them to the Board. Progress reports to the Board may be made orally or in writing.

The Board will make the public aware of the committees’ services. Public announcements shall be coordinated by the Superintendent with the approval of the Board.

Board of Education Committees shall be governed under the New York Stat Open Meetings Laws.