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1210 Relationship with School-Related Organizations

Adoption Date: 8/24/1961, Revised: 1/23/2014, 02/13/1975 
1000 - Community Relations
Participation by the Public
1210 Relationship with School-Related Organizations

The Board of Education recognizes and encourages the support and participation of school-related organizations (such as the Parent Teachers Associations, District Parent Council, and the Lakeland Education Foundation).

Staff members are encouraged to participate in these groups, and assist the officers/directors of all such organizations in the pursuit of the following goals:

  1. To involve parents and school personnel in a cooperative and sustained system of activities which will increase the educational opportunities of the children both in school and at home;
  2. To provide teachers and administrators with opinions and viewpoints that will lead to a better analysis of the needs of students and more relevant program planning;
  3. To sustain parental interest through a program of training and consulting services; and
  4. To develop the skills needed by school personnel to function effectively in a working relationship with parents and other community members.

The Board of Education will designate Board members to act as liaisons to school-related organizations and attend meetings, whenever possible. 

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