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1112 News Media Relations

Adoption Date: 8/24/1961, Revised: 3/20/2014; 04/15/1993, 05/12/1983, 02/13/1975 
1000 - Community Relations

 Communication with the Public
1112 News Media Relations

The Board of Education invites and welcomes the active participation of all forms of mass media, print and electronic, in educating the public and improving education within the district and the wider community. The Board and Superintendent will make every reasonable effort to cooperate with the media by providing accurate information about district operations, to the extent permissible by statute and regulation.

The Board President is designated as the spokesperson for the Board when the Board is making a statement on an issue. No other member of the Board individually will speak for, or in the name of, the Board unless by explicit direction of the Board. Board members should emphasize to the media when asked to speak as a Board member that they can only speak as private citizens unless they have been empowered by the Board to speak for it.

The Superintendent of Schools is designated as the spokesperson for the district. The Superintendent may delegate authority to his/her central administrative staff and/or to the school principals and/or to the School Attorney, as he/she sees fit, but he/she retains ultimate responsibility for all district communications.

All staff intending to release information to the media should first notify the Superintendent or his/her designee. The Superintendent of Schools shall establish all necessary procedures to govern day-to-day interactions between the schools and the news media.

(Policy 1112.1 deleted and replaced with 1112)