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1100 Dissemination of Public Information

Adoption Date: 2/13/1975, Revised: 1/23/2014; 03/18/2010,04/15/1993, 05/12/1983 
1000 - Community Relations
Communication with the Public
1100 Dissemination of Public Information

The Board of Education has the responsibility of informing staff, students and community on all matters of education and general operation of the Lakeland School District. This responsibility will be discharged through communications such as:

  1. One or more open budget presentations, public hearings and community forums;
  2. Information on the school system through District-wide publications, including the District’s annual calendar;
  3. Information on the District’s website, Facebook and other social networking sites
  4. The district’s cable channels

The Board of Education encourages staff, students and community members to provide input on matters of interest and concern.

Policy Cross References:
1600 - Relationship Between the School District and the Community