Benjamin Franklin Elementary School

Links for Elementary Art Teachers

Art Detective Web Site
An engaging art activity, where students become art detectives to figure out who painted granpa's painting.

The Art Teacher's Connection
Provides helpful tips on how to integrate computer technology into a visual arts curriculum and much more.

Arts in Education: The Getty's Art Education Web Site
A very comprehensive site for art educators. Includes activities, lessons, image galleries, and much more.

Crayola Lesson Plans
Loads of lessons from the crayon giant, searchable by materials, grade level, time frame, and curriculum.

Inside Art: An Adventure in Art History
An online journey where students learn about artists and styles of art, while being engaged in an adventure.

The Kennedy Center ArtsEdge
This site provides art educators with teaching materials, news, information and resources. Its mission centers around using technology to contribute to the field of arts education.

Drawing in One-Point Perspective
A great hands-on tutorial for students, interactive and instructive. Students are asked to demonstrate understanding of perspective and get immediate feedback to their answers.

Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco
This site has a searchable index of over 75,000 images. The rationale for making the images available to the public via the Internet is because the Museum is unable to show less than 5% of it collection at any time and it wishes to make its art available to the public.

Art Safari (from the Museum of Modern Art)
This online safari encourages children to look at and interpret art by guiding them with questions about what they see. The children are then encouraged to submit their stories and pictures to be included in the web site for others to see and enjoy.

Adventures with Art 
From the National Gallery of Art, these online activities and projects for children are rich with animation, sound, visuals and interactivity.

Color Matters
A comprehensive site dedicated to color. Read about color as it relates to the brain, the body, our vision, our world, science, computers, design, and much more. Interact by taking a color survey.

Making a Case for the Fourth "R" (ART!) 
" Reading and ’riting and ’rithmetic and ’rt (art)? Many school districts are strengthening the art components of their curricula in light of new research on the benefits of arts education." Read this article about how how the arts can engage students who may lack interest in other classes, and how many states are subscribing to this belief with a firm committment to arts education. Many hyperlinks to more research on this timely topic.

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