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Adoption Date: 2/12/2004, Revised: 1/27/2014 
1345R Guidelines for Teachers Web Pages on School District Website


  • All web pages residing on the district-supported servers or the BOCES server are the property of the Lakeland Central School District.
  • Commercial use, use for the pursuit of personal or financial gain, advertising, soliciting, as well as use for any personal purpose are prohibited.
  • The Superintendent of Schools, Director of Public Information and the Director of Technology may suspend network privileges at any time if an individual fails to adhere to the protocol or requirements stated herein.
  • Each teacher is responsible for the content posted on his/her webpage hosted on the district-supported servers.
  • The Superintendent and/or Director of Public Information may require a teacher to edit content that does not reflect District policies, regulations and procedures. The Building Principal may require a teacher to edit content that does not reflect building policies and procedures.


  • Pages that are time-sensitive in nature MUST be updated at least monthly to insure current, accurate information (i.e., calendars, school events, staff information, etc.)
  • Web pages must be checked at least monthly to make sure links are active.
  • Each teacher web page must contain:
    • The District name with a link to the District home page.
    • The school name with a link to the school home page.
    • The teacher’s name and a link to the teacher’s school e-mail address on their homepage.
    • The grade and/or class(es) taught must be on their homepage.
    • The school address and telephone number with area code.
    • A link back to the main page of the teacher’s site and to their school site.
    • A footer on the main page that says: “Maintained according to the Lakeland Central School District Web Page Policies, Regulations and Guidelines.”
  • Each page of a teacher’s site must have a link back to the main page of that teacher’s site.
  • Teacher web pages are for educational purposes only. Contents of the site should give information about curriculum, instruction, school/class activities.
  • Teacher web pages may link only to sites that are of educational significance and sites relating to the curriculum and activities of the District. If external links are used in the website, such links must contain the following disclaimer:

“The user is leaving the District website. The Lakeland Central School District and the ___________ School are not responsible for the contents on external sites and servers.”

  • All pages must be grammatically correct with no spelling errors.
  • All teacher web pages must be hosted on the Lakeland or BOCES web servers.
  • Unauthorized use of copyright material is prohibited. Teachers must give credit by providing a web address or active link when using graphics or designs that are not original; except that graphics downloaded from sites with a clause that states that the materials may be used without permission for educational purposes are exempt from this rule.
  • Any use of obscene language or material, material that is harmful to minors or inappropriate on-line material will result in loss of network privileges and disciplinary action in accordance with law and any applicable collectively negotiated agreement.
  • The following items are prohibited:
    • personal information about staff and parent volunteers, non-district e-mail addresses, non-district mailing addresses except as approved by the building principal (i.e., PTA officers and members, etc.).
    • student personal information of any kind without the written permission of the parent/guardian or eligible student.
    • links to the personal web pages of staff, volunteers or students and personal social networking pages.
    • links to “non-official” Lakeland sites that are hosted on remote/external servers (i.e., teacher created web pages using a commercial service, athletic booster pages, etc.).
    • guest books, chat areas, message boards and the like.
    • pages that are “under construction.”
  • Video and audio files may be used when compressed properly and are appropriate. They generally take long to load and can require plug-ins not available to all those viewing the page.

Student Safety

  • Web pages may include only the first name of the student, except for news releases, honors and awards which may include the student’s full name.
  • Web pages or file names may not include a student’s address, telephone number, e-mail address or names of other family members or friends without the written permission of the parent/guardian or eligible student.
  • Personally identifying images of students such as use of student pictures (video or photograph) and audio clips on the District web page must have signed parent/guardian or eligible student approval on file with the appropriate administrator.