Major Projects at Lakeland and Walter Panas High Schools Under Way

The new projects to repair and replace the fields and draiange at Lakeland and Walter Panas High Schools are well underway. At Lakeland, the new artificial turf multi-surface and baseball fields are currently being installed. Softball and the new tennis courts are close behind, and aside from the spring cleanup and finish work, the project is expected to be completed by the end of November. The Lakeland Central School District would like to thank the Town of Yorktown for allowing the District teams to play and practice on town fields while the project is underway.
At Walter Panas, the design phase of the project is well underway and expected to be completed by March or April. The Walter Panas multipurpose field will be slightly longer than Lakeland, a full 120 yards. Panas is also scheduled to pick up a parking lot where the softball field currently sits. The softball field will be relocated on the field closer to the school. Unfortunately, with its proximity to the New York Watershed, the Walter Panas project plans must undergo a number of inspections and approvals from the Department of Environmental Protection, which are anticipated to slow the project down by at least a few months. The District and our engineers are doing everything possible to keep it on schedule as quickly as possible.

Initial Draft of Walter Panas High School Proposal

Lakeland High School
Aerial view Baseball Field (Oct. 22)
LHS Baseball infield logo (Oct. 25)
Future site of tennis courts  (Oct. 25)
Softball field dugout  (Oct. 25)
Softball field construction  (Oct. 25)
Exterior wall LHS Baseball field  (Oct. 25)