Lakeland Central School District has launched a new web site–Alumni in Action – featuring the accomplishments of the district's graduates.

Lakeland Central School District graduates can be found in a wide variety of occupations throughout multiple geographic areas.  On this page, we will be highlighting some of those graduates while providing a glimpse into their lives after graduating from Walter Panas or Lakeland high school. 

“We are very excited about the opportunity this page provides us in Lakeland to learn about the journeys our graduates have embarked on since leaving the district,” said Jim Van Develde, Director of Communications. “Everybody has a story, and we want to hear yours. Not only do we want to hear it, but we also want to share it with your fellow alumni, students, and the Lakeland community,” he added.

“This project has allowed me to meet so many interesting and successful grads and learn about their journey after leaving high school.  I hope you enjoyed their stories as much as I did,” commented Becky Carcova, Digital Communications Manager.

The latest update features two graduates who have begun commercial ventures in fitness and food.  They are Alina Pedraza (Lakeland High School Class of 2009) and Debbie Mancuso (Walter Panas High School Class of 1974).

The first postings on the page feature new recent alumnae, Matthew Swift (Panas, 2014) and Akshay Ramaswamy (Lakeland HS, 2015).  They have been followed by local businessmen from Sign’s Ink and Frankie and Augie’s restaurant. The latest featured alumnae are district teachers Maureen Hendershot and Julie Ruxton.

“We hope to build a connection with all our alums – from youngest to oldest. Fostering a relationship among our alumni and our current families is important to Lakeland,” said Van Develde.

The web site features a digital magazine with all the highlighted alumnae and additional alumnae who have filled an information packet available on the page as well.

We want everyone to know what our alumni have been up to since leaving high school.  You can also share the story of a fellow alumnus who may not want to brag. Let’s share the stories of our Lakeland Central School District alumnus.

Please go to  to share your story and visit our Alumni in Action web page at