George Washington Elementary School STEAM Lab Opens Its Doors

George Washington Elementary School (GWES) celebrated the grand opening of its new Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, Math (STEAM )lab on January 31, 2019, which focuses on science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics student challenges. The goal of the room is to create a learning space for the students that require them to think critically and creatively, collaborate and communicate, integrate technology and become global citizens.  A Lakeland Education Foundation grant helped support the room become a reality along with generous donations from the GWES PTA and Class of 2018.

George Washington Principal Tracy Norman, Assistant Principal Stacey Thames, and STEAM Advisors/Instructional Coaches Lisa Barlow and Brianna Straut welcomed the parents and students and presented on a number of topics, including; What is a STEAM lab,” George Washington’s approach to STEAM, educational apps, and websites and home STEAM activities. 

"When looking around during the Grand Opening, you saw kindergartners through fifth graders, siblings from middle school, parents and administrators all working together to solve challenges or learn about GW's approach to STEAM," observed Barlow and Straut. "The thinking and conversations that were taking place were priceless, and the energy and collaboration that you could feel were incredibly motivating," Barlow added. "We are excited for what the future holds for the STEAM program at George Washington Elementary School," concluded Straut.

During the opening, students and parents worked in groups to solve challenges by trying different solutions, analyzing data and communicating effectively.  Teachers volunteered their time to help make the evening a success. The room is now being used actively by students in all grades during the regular school day.