The Lakeland Education Foundation Announces 2020-2021 Grants

The Lakeland Education Foundation is excited to announce for its 2020 grant cycle a total of $37,169 has been awarded.

“We want to thank all the staff and parents who supported us and made this possible during these challenging times. We look forward to continuing our fundraising efforts to give our students these unique opportunities,” said Lakeland Education Foundation President Diane Kness.

Created in 1994, the Foundation has now awarded more than $1.45 million in grants to help enhance the educational experience of students in the district. 

“On behalf of the Board of Education, we would like to thank every member of the Lakeland Education Foundation for this generous donation. This gift is remarkable considering the Lakeland Education Foundation’s primary fundraiser was canceled due to the pandemic. It is truly evidence of the Lakeland Education Foundation’s resourcefulness and their dedication to our students and staff,” said Lakeland Central School District Board President Michael Daly.

The Lakeland Education Foundation seeks to provide opportunities for the students and staff of Lakeland to expand learning opportunities, to maximize the potential of each student, and to augment the fine work that is already underway in the Lakeland Schools.

Congratulations to the Lakeland Education Foundation and its Board of Trustees both past and present on another great year of supporting the students and staff of the Lakeland Central School District.

Grant Title  Grant Recipient(s) Award
Buddy Books for monthly PBIS Jen Cahill - BFES  $3,200.00
Bloxels for design thinking - program Dr. Alden, Iris Spadafino/K-5  $1,806.06
Recess Outdoor Fun - games Camia Cass, Vitanza/K-5  $   742.00
Culturally Responsive Reading for all - books Straut, Barlow, Becker /K-5  $2,459.46
Sensation Station - therapeutic room Kalbfell, Staino/K-5  $2,645.87
Jennie Go Fetch - robotic dog Crivelli, Quinn /UPK-5  $2,113.00
Action Based Learning Lab - stations Roth/K-5  $5,619.00
The Cutting edge - saws Becker, Smith/Gr. 6-8  $2,000.00
Rejuvination of Middle School Percussion Station Matt Green/Gr. 6-8  $3,997.76
Engineering and designing CNC equipment Smith, Becker/Gr. 6-8  $6,000.00
Archery Equipment for Physical Education Mangan, Whitehouse
All students
Breathing ROOM Cheri Scharff  $3,000.00