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Monday, May 29, 2017

The Lakeland Staff Tribute Program

The Lakeland Staff Tribute Program

The Lakeland Education Foundation and the Lakeland Federation of Teachers of the Lakeland School System are excited to announce a new initiative as a way to recognize and to thank the dedicated professionals in the Lakeland School System. Parents often want to say a special thank you to the teachers, aides, and specialized instructors who make such a difference in our schools each day. Many parents elect to write heartfelt notes or send gifts around the holidays or at graduation. This year, we would ask that you take a different approach and consider The Lakeland Staff Tribute Program. Scroll to the bottom of the page for The Lakeland Staff Tribute Program informational brochure and donation form.

  • The program allows anyone to make a tax deductible gift to the Lakeland Education Foundation in the name of the person you want to recognize.
  • The honoree will receive a card from the Foundation congratulating them for their efforts that make a difference and providing the name of the donor. (You can remain anonymous if you wish).
  • Each gift will be acknowledged in writing in a form acceptable for tax purposes
  • Your personal donations may qualify for a corporate matching gift if your employer offers such a program.
The Lakeland Education Foundation is a registered 501C3, non-profit organization. The Foundation is a coalition of parents, residents, local businesses and friends of education in the Lakeland Central School District. We actively provide grants (more than $250,000) to teachers and students within the Lakeland school system for a wide variety of projects and initiatives to enhance your children's education.

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