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Monday, May 29, 2017


Jaimie Medina - Technology Facilitator & Building Webmaster
Linda BrandonDirector of Instructional Technology
Dwayne Hoffmann - Director of Technology
Rebecca Carcova - District Webmaster

Helpful websites on Lakeland
  • Smartboard Resources
  • Resources for Teachers

    Virtual Tours/Online Exhibits
  • Smithsonian Museum - a tour around the museum.
  • - offers virtual tours to places such as the Grand Canyon, Mt. St. Helen's Volcano, Port of Rotterdam, and Manhattan.
  • National Gallery of Art - tour collections in the museum.
  • George Washington's Mount Vernon Estate and Gardens - a virtual mansion tour.
  • University of California Museum of Paleontology - online exhibits about the history of life on earth.
  • Natural History Museum - online exhibits of art, photographs and videos.
  • White House Museum - a virtual tour of the White House, as well as the Vice President's residence.
  • - virtual tour of the Library of Congress.
  • New York State Assembly - tour of New York's capitol, Albany.
  • - tour the Mayflower.
  • Museum Management Program - exhibits for Robert E. Lee, Frederick Douglas, Booker T. Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Gettysburg and many more.
  • The United States Mint - tour the United States Mint and learn about its history.
  • The Beijing Guide- a virtual tour of the Great Wall of China .
  • Virtual Gettysbury- a virtual tour of Gettysburg .
  • NASA - Inernational Space Station Virtual Tour.

    Typing Games
  • TypingMaster - typing games such as Bubbles and KeyMan (like PacMan.)
  • Keyboard Climber - a typing game that teachers kids individual letters. Kids play as a monkey who collects bananas to climb to the top.
  • Super Hyper Spider Typer - type letters quickly enough to prevent the lizards from eating the spider
  • Typing Tidepool - type words quickly enough to win the race!

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