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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Third Grade

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2016-2017 Third Grade Supply List

As fall becomes winter, we are hard at work! This month, we are continuing to work in math with subtraction skills as we learn how to subtract greater numbers and regroup with 0's.  In ELA, we are exploring more ways that people around the world access books and reading.   We continue to build our reading stamina, and use close reading to understand the gist of a variety of texts.  Our ELA skill work includes using context clues to help us understand unknown words.  Our new Social Studies unit is the culture of the United States, and how our own economy and government work.  This will work in well as we can discuss our own participation in the GW election, as well as Veteran's Day and other important USA holidays and symbols. Science will start later on, with an exploration of the electricity cycle.

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