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Friday, February 24, 2017

Second Grade

Will the Groundhog see his shadow?  Let’s hope it is an early spring with all the warm weather we have had thus far!

During our ELA block, we have begun working on fairy tales. We will be reading different versions of the same fairy tale and comparing them.  We will also have students focus on fractured fairy tales.  Some of the skills focused on during this unit will include making inferences, drawing conclusions, and point of view.

We have finished up our energy unit.  Please ask your child to tell you about all the different experiments and activities they completed, focusing on various energies.  

Our math lessons continue to focus on different strategies to use for addition and subtraction.  We will begin adding and subtraction up to 1,000.  We are also working on word problems and finding key words to help solve them.  Math talk is helping students share their thought process as they solve tricky word problems.  Please check your child’s homework each night and help them work through the word problems.  Continue having your child use Dreambox at home when possible, as it will increase your child’s number sense at a level appropriate for him/her.  

The students have been introduced to R.A.F.T.  This is a graphic organizer used to answer short response questions.  It stands for Restate and Answer the question, For example, students give 2 pieces of evidence supporting their answer and Tie it up, which allows children to make sure they close out the answer.  Please help your child work through the process in their homework each week.

Our Reading Stamina has been increasing.  To help continue this increase, please have your child read at home, especially on the snow days.  Students can use RAZ kids, read to a younger sibling, or read by themselves.  Keep reading at home every night and ask your child to think about their reading!

In Fundations, we will finish working on open syllables. We will be beginning to identify r-controlled syllables and write words containing these sounds. We will continue reviewing all syllables, suffixes, and trick words we have completed since the beginning of the year.  Please continue to practice trick words with your child and encourage him/her to write longer sentences with more details when completing Fundations’ homework.

We had a special visitor visit our classrooms last month- Steve from Westmoreland.  He brought some special guests- animals!  Some of the animals included a Madagascar hissing cockroach, a noisy frog, a cute rabbit and so much more.  Ask your child to tell you about the animals and what they learned.

We ask that you please remember to send your child in daily with a healthy snack as well as return their reading log on Friday.

Thank you for your support throughout the year!

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