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Saturday, May 27, 2017

Debate Team

*November omission

Tessa Lavan was the 9th best speaker at the NY City Urban Debate League tournament in November. I apologize for the omission.

*Newark Metro Hudson League Results (December 15th)

Eighteen Lakeland district debaters competed in the Newark Science Metro Hudson League tournament on Saturday, December 15th.

In the novice division, Matt Corrado (P) and Ethan Krantze (P) were 4-0 and finished 3rd out of 47 two person teams .

Jatan Bharwani (L) & Micheal Lewis (L), Dylan Black (L) &Evan D'Amaso (L), and Ryan Mulhern (L) & Dennis San Lucas (L), all finished 3-1.  Michael & Jatin finished 8th, Dennis & Ryan finished 15th, and Dylan & Evan finished 17th.

In the junior varsity division, Akshay Ramaswamy (L) and James Allan (L) were4 4-0 and finished third out of 23 teams.

Marissa Berstein (L), Amy Belfer (L), Nick Musico (P), Kevin Zagoya (P), Hassan Muhammad (P), Xavier Puente (P), Katie Balen (L), and Bushra Rahman (L) also participated.

Joe Femia (L), Taryn Firth (L), Jash Patel (L), and Josh Brenner (L) served as student judges and coaches.

*Ridge High School Invitational. (December 7-8)

Priten Shah (P) and Glenn Rohan (P) were 4-1 in the varsity division. They reached the first elimination debate and were defeated by Brooklyn Tech and finished 4th out of 28 teams.  Priten was the second best speaker out of 56 contestants.

The teams of Matthew Corrado (P) & Ethank Krantz (P) and Jatin Bharwani (L) & Humza Tahir (L) were both 4-1 in the preliminary debates and advanced to the elimination debates. Both were defeated in the first elimination round by two Bronx Science teams.

Dylan Black (L), Evan D'Amaso (L), Temma Pelletier (P), Wiley Thornquist (P), Michael Lewis (L), Salma Shaikh (L)  Zalma Vivanco (L), and Shay Girgenti (L) also competed.

Joe Femia (L), Taryn Firth (L), and Mel Heffernan (L) served as student judges and coaches.

*Scranton (PA) (December 1-3)

In varsity, Priten Shah (P) and Mihir Paradkar (L) were 4-2 in the preliminary debates and were defeated by McDonogh (MD) in the second elimination debate.

Hassan Mummad (P), Humza Tahir (L), Sydney Campion (L), Marissa Bernstein (L), Jonathan Feldman (L), Ryan Burke (L) all participated in the novice division and all finished 3-2.

Michael Lewis (L) and Shay Girgenti (L) also participated

*Fall summary

Since September, 52 Lakeland district students have participated in 241 debates and delivered 482 speeches in 11 tournaments in 8 states.

*College admissions

Priten Shah is the first graduating senior to be admitted to college.  Taking a GAP year, he will be a member of Harvard University's class of 2018.


This past weekend, Priten Shah & Mihir Paradkar competed in the University of Michigan debate tournament in Ann Arbor, MI.  Priten & Mihir were 4-2 in the preliminary debates with wins against Johns Creek (GA), two New Trier (IL) teams, and the Barstow School (MO). They were defeated by Westminster (GA) and Juan Diego (CA).  They advanced to the elimination rounds, but were defeated by another New Trier team. They ended up finishing 44th out of 176 teams from 62 schools in 18 states.

The previous weekend they attended the Capitol Fall Classic in Howard County, Maryland. There they were 5-1 in the preliminary debates and advanced to the elimination rounds as the third seed. They won their first two elimination round debates, but were defeated in the semifinals by Baltimore City College. They finished third of 50 teams from six states. Priten was the 7th best speaker out of 100 individual contestants and Mihir was the 13th best speaker.

 The other students on the team were scheduled to debate last Saturday at Vassar College and this Thursday in Newark. Both of those tournaments have been cancelled due to the weather. We are optimistic that they will be able to compete next Saturday in the New York City Urban Debate League tournament at the Institute for Collaborative Education.  If not, we will resume competition after the Thanksgiving break.


This past Saturday the Lakeland District debate team joined more than 400 other competitors at the Bronx High School of Science for the Metro Hudson League's Season Opener for novice and junior varsity competitors.

In the JV policy division, Marissa Bernstein was the tournament's top speaker, finishing first out of 20 individual contestants.

The novice teams of Jatin Bharwani & Humza Tahir (L) and Evan D'Amso & Dylan Black (L) were both undefeated and finished 4th and 5th of 51 novice policy teams.

Jatin was the division's 8th best speaker out of 102 individual contestants.

Jessica Einterz & Nathan Liebert (P), Hassan Muhammad & Matthew Raider (P), Michael Lewis & Shay Girgento (L), Ryan Mulhern & Dennis San Lucas (P) all finished with 2-1 records.

In total, 28 students from the district competed in the tournament.

Priten Shah (P), Brendan Zarkower (P), Christopher Callinan (P), Tanay Prandarkar (P), Joe Femia (L), Melissa Heffernan (L), Taryn Firth (L), Josh Brenner (L), and Kelly Rose Mary (L) served as peer coaches and judges

To date, district debate teams has competed in 85 individual debates and delivered 170 speeches in five tournaments in four different states.

*Top 35 national rank

Priten Shah (P) and Mihir Paradkar (L) are currently ranked 35th in a national poll of the top 65 two person debate teams.

last updated: 12/17/12