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Monday, January 23, 2017

Principal's News

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Principal's Corner

December was a month to:


All of our classes learned about traditions and celebrations their peers and families have during this time of year. It is a time we all reflect on who we are and how we can be so different, yet very much the same.

Our Kindergarten and First Grade viewed a wonderful show by a puppeteer.

We continue to be proud of our Fourth Graders who consistently each year have their Blythedale tradition, to show kindness and compassion. They make cards and gifts for the children at Blythedale Hospital. We appreciate the support and assistance from the parents who assist in the process and delivery of the toys. We had a record number of donated gifts. Thank you to our giving families.

January brings Inspiration Month. We look forward to our assembly coming in January.

Additionally, Kindergarten will be learning about Hibernation and our new session of Enrichment will begin in January.

Arrival/Drop-Off please be sure to follow the procedures for a safe drop off. Please drive slowly in the parking areas and follow the directions of staff during arrival and dismissal. If you are bringing your child to school, it is imperative you ensure your child is released to a staff member. Our drop off time is between 8:10 and 8:30 for staff outside. Please do not allow your child to leave the car without adult supervision. If you come after staff has moved indoors, please walk your child into the school building.

The snow has started and the facilities department does their best to get the parking lot ready for arrival and/or dismissal. Please take it slow as you enter the parking lot. The speed bumps have been lifted for plowing capabilities; please use caution as you drive in slowly.

Due to FIRE RESTRICTIONS, there can be no parking in front of the building. We must be able to keep the lane clear for emergency vehicles. Please use the parking lots for parking, even if you are entering for a brief period.

Thank you for helping keep our students safe.

Fifth Grade has the opportunity to participate in D.A.R.E. which means we help guide our students to make safe and healthy choices. Officer Gabrielson from the Town of Cortlandt will continue to be our provider of this program. We will let you know when it will be starting up.

PTA has been sponsoring the L-T Players for many years. On January 20th and 21st our students will be performing in Beauty and the Beast Jr. We look forward to this year’s show and wish all the students the best.

Fifth Grade has an awesome experience this year. The Links, a philanthropic organization with a chapter in Westchester has partnered with us to sponsor a photo taking opportunity for the fifth grade with the theme, Picture My World – Healthy Living, Healthy Lifestyle. We look forward to seeing their view of what it means to live healthy.

The Board of Education meeting on January 19 has been changed from Thomas Jefferson Elementary School to Lincoln-Titus Elementary School. We look forward to showing the work our students have accomplished thus far.

Andrus School-Based Mental Health Program provides screenings to all referred children; assess the need for mental health treatment and appropriateness for services if indicated. This option is available in four of the Lakeland Central School District schools. Please speak to Andrea Cooper, Social Worker if you have further questions about this support.

Riding and Reading By: Reading Rockets

Turn travel time during a family trip into a great bonding and learning adventure with activities that build language for literacy and boost kids’ brain development. Here, you’ll find simple, fun ideas for singing, reading, and sharing family stories together.

What to bring: Music

Before your trip, take time to make a sing-along playlist of family favorites. (Remember to bring whatever you need to connect your mobile device to the car stereo and keep it charged.) On the road, get kids listening by asking them to keep an ear out for certain words or sounds and clapping when they hear them. Then get them singing along!

With the car stereo off, try teaching each other classic kids’ songs, folk songs, Sesame Street and Disney tunes, the national anthem, or Broadway hits. You’ll find lyrics online or you can show kids how they can make their own music by inventing new verses to songs like “If You’re Happy and You Know It.”


Invest some time before your trip in choosing some audio books the whole family can listen to. Search for recommendations in Reading Rockets list of Favorite Audio Books or ask your librarian for ideas. Your public library may have books on CD that you can borrow or lend electronic audio books you can download to your device. Choose audio books that will stimulate discussion, like classics or books on topics of interest to everyone in your family.

Look too for audio books of stories you’ve shared with your child, and plan to talk about how the reader’s interpretation is similar or different from yours, especially if the audio book reader is the author! If you are listening to picture books, bring along a copy so kids can look at the illustrations while listening.

Let kids pack some favorite titles to look at, to read to you, or have read aloud to them while you’re on the road. And bring along some new books, too. A new release by a favorite author or a new book in a beloved series will add excitement to your trip.


Family stories, tales of road trips past, adventures of your youth stories, and stories and facts about your destination do more than pass the time on the road. As kids hear and learn from the successes, mistakes, values, and ideas in your stories, their understanding of how to have their own adventures — and their own stories — will grow.


As you share stories, give your child a chance to ask questions and offer his perspective. Storytelling is more fun if everyone gets a chance to tell a story! Try telling a memorable family story with everyone taking turns or turn family photos into family stories. Have photos on your mobile device or bring along copies of pictures and share stories about the people and the places important to your family.

News from the Nurse 

Winter is here and so are colds and flu.  A cold is a viral infection of the throat and nose.  Symptoms include a sore throat and coughing.  Colds are usually transmitted through direct contact with an infected person.    Flu is a more severe viral infection.  Symptoms include sudden onset of aches, pains, chills, cough and a fever > 100’ F.    Influenza is spread through droplets of an infected person sneezing or coughing.  A person becomes infected breathing in these droplets.  Please remind your children that using tissues and hand washing is the best way to stop the spread of germs.

Please keep your children home when they are ill.  It is hard for a child to concentrate in school when he/she is not feeling well.  Your child should have a normal temperature for 24 hours before returning to school.  All absences must be reported on a daily basis. Please call 914-528-2519 x203.  State law requires written parental explanation for all absences.  Please send a note in when your child returns to school to his/her teacher.

Reminders! Please send your children to school properly dressed.  It is best you send your children dressed in layers.  The temperature varies in the building from room to room.  If dressed in layers your children will be prepared.  Weather permitting the children will participate in outdoor recess.  Send them with hats, scarves and warm jackets.  Label all clothing!

Have a Happy and Healthy New Year!

Mrs. Ferreira , RN

LT’s School Nurse smiley


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