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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Sustainable Landscape Integration Project


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Sustainable Landscape Project
This initiative will help kids connect what they're learning in science class with the world around them. The outdoor classroom and garden are based on each grades sustainable interdisciplinary curriculum. Each grade level in the courtyard will have a sustainable garden in which they are responsible for maintaining. For example but not limited to: 5th grade- varied bulb and flower garden , 4th grade colonial times herb garden, 3rd grade-butterfly garden, 2nd grade sunflower garden, 1st grade pumpkins/gourd garden, kindergarten- 5 sense garden. Items within and around the school’s landscape are included to mesh with the students' “in class" experience. As you can see our gardens are going strong. This project has not only enhanced students learning but has enriched our school community.

last updated: 02/25/16