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Monday, January 23, 2017

Second Grade

Dr. Accurso      Mrs. Azzaro      Ms. Colangelo       Mrs. Lachowicz     Ms. McCalister     Mrs. Pili


Second Grade ~ January 2017 Newsletter


Literacy:  While learning about famous Americans and their contribution to our country the students will learn how to take notes and research factual information. Through reading biographies and autobiographies, the students will come to understand how using text features such as an index, glossary, table of contents, to name a few, will help them in their research. Finally, the students will produce their own biography report on a famous American of their choice.

Fundations:  In unit 6, we will learn the second syllable type. It is often referred to as the v-e syllable, which stands for vowel consonant-e (any vowel or consonant). It is important for your child to recognize the pattern of this syllable.  We will spend time going from a closed syllable such as cap, to a v-e syllable such as cape. It is the vowel e at the end of the word that is silent, but makes the first vowel say its name. Students will learn to combine closed and v-e syllable words such as reptile. Lastly, the students will learn that words in English do not end with the letter v.

Math: This month we will finish learning the various strategies in Module 4 on addition and subtraction through 200 and word problems up to one hundred. We will begin Module 5, which teaches addition and subtraction strategies through 1,000. Students will engage in various activities using a multitude of strategies. 

Science: As we continue with unit 2, exploring the many different forms of energy, the students will be preforming many hands on experiments. The students will be given the opportunity to work independently and collaboratively. Working collaboratively develops higher level thinking skills, increases student retention, helps to promote a positive attitude toward the subject matter as well as promoting oral communication skills. We will also do our winter observation of our classroom tree.

Social Studies: In this unit of study students will be introduced to the idea that communities are in constant flux and change dramatically over time. In order to understand changes in communities over time, students first have to understand the past, present and future. They will participate in compare and contrast activities including “then and now” comparisons. Students will also be introduced to the concept of interdependence, communities needing each other.

Second Grade's Supply List for 2016-2017 school year. 

Second Grade Projects

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