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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Second Grade

Dr. Accurso      Mrs. Azzaro      Ms. Colangelo       Mrs. Lachowicz     Ms. McCalister     Mrs. Pili


Second Grade ~ March 2017 Newsletter


Reading: Interruptions in our academic schedule caused by weather delays and a cancellation have required that we continue letter writing into the month of March. Our focus in ELA this month will be on persuasive writing.  The students will learn about opinion and argumentative types of writing.  We will also learn about letter writing.  The form and parts of a friendly letter will be taught.

Fundations:  In Unit 8 we will focus on r-controlled syllables, with ar and or sounds. This syllable contains a single vowel followed by an r (ae,er,ir,or,ur). The vowel is neither long nor short.  It is controlled by the r. This syllable can be combined with other syllables to make multisyllabic words. Students will read and write words with the r controlled sounds of ar and or.

Trick Words: Your child should be able to read and spell trick words from memory. Trick words do not follow usual spelling patterns; they are “tricky” and need to be memorized.

Math: The students will engage in activities designed to deepen their conceptual understanding of measurement and to relate addition and subtraction to length.  The students will work independently, in pairs as well as group work, as they to develop an understanding of addition and subtraction using measurement. 

Science: This next science unit is on life science. The students will be studying plants. This unit is inquiry-based. Skills that are emphasized include observing, classifying, measuring, collecting and interpreting data. In this unit, the students will first observe the basic parts of a plant.  They will then compare this plant to other plants.

Social Studies: This month, we will discuss the differences between globes and maps.  The students will become familiar with a compass rose and using intermediate directions.  The students will also learn that our country is made up of fifty states.  Using a community map, students will use keys/legends to interpret what they see.

Second Grade's Supply List for 2016-2017 school year. 

Second Grade Projects

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