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Friday, April 28, 2017

Second Grade

Dr. Accurso      Mrs. Azzaro      Ms. Colangelo       Mrs. Lachowicz     Ms. McCalister     Mrs. Pili


Second Grade ~ May 2017 Newsletter


ELA: The students are continuing their work on non-fiction reading and report writing.  The students have begun to research an animal using three different sources. The students will be responsible for taking notes and finally writing a report on the animal they have researched.

Fundations:  In Units 10-16, the students will learn the double vowel syllables. In Unit 11, students will practice three more vowel teams: ee, ea, and ey.  Each of these letter combinations can have the long e sound and are found in double vowel syllables.  In Unit 12, students will practice two more vowel teams: oi and oy.  Both of these vowel combinations make the /oi/ sound.

Trick Words: Your child should be able to read and spell trick words from memory. Trick words do not follow usual spelling patterns; they are “tricky” and need to be memorized.

Math: In Module 7 students will practice counting coins up to one dollar. You can help your child by having them count the coins received in change when shopping or counting a handful of change at home.

Module 6 lays the conceptual foundation for multiplication and division in Grade 3 and for the idea that numbers other than 1, 10, and 100 can serve as units.  Topics in this module include:  Formation of Equal Groups, Arrays and Equal Groups, Rectangular Arrays as a Foundation for Multiplication and Division, and The Meaning of Even and Odd Numbers.

Science: We will begin our study of crayfish!  The students are always so excited to have live animals in the classroom. The students will learn the lifecycle of the crayfish, along with how to care for the crayfish in the classroom.

Social Studies: We will be wrapping up our unit of study “Geography of Communities”. The students have enjoyed strengthening their map skills as they learned to recognize continents, oceans, landforms, and bodies of water. Next time the family is taking a road trip, why not use a paper map and give your child a hands-on experience on how to use a real map.


Second Grade's Supply List for 2016-2017 school year. 

Second Grade Projects


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